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Drawing resource 3?

Hello everyone!,
   Do you want to start drawing, but in your opinion, it is a daunting task? Do you quickly sketch, but it turns into a mess? Are you having trouble with depth on certain objects or certain parts of the human body, and you need a few tips to improve? When I started to draw the human body (for quick sketching), I used "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson because he gives you great exercises and tips on how to work on your subjects (human or inanimate alike). He also covers the materials to sketch/draw, tips on landscaping, the sketch stroking styles, and patterns, for example. For someone that is looking to begin to draw (and for more advanced artists as a reference), Dodson's book is something you can always fall back onto for guidance. I hope you enjoy it!:


Painting Resource 3?

Hello everyone!,
  The third paint(ing) resource is in regards to what you can paint with. Have you ever looked at an oil painting, and you wanted to try to paint with oils? When you researched about the oil painting technique, did you think that without the proper ventilation and materials, it would be possible that oil painting could be dangerous? Did you want to oil paint to get that "old school" look, but were still concerned with the technique? Or do you have people and/or pets around you that may be affected by the materials to clean paint brushes (i.e., turpentine)? Well, you should not worry any longer, because oil paints are also available in a water-mixable format! Called Winsor & Newton Artisan Water Mixable Oil Colour paints, one can paint like the "masters" of oil painting without any of the concerns of toxic chemicals (and instead, clean your brushes with water)! Some would argue that if you compared the water mixable oils to the regular oils, you…

(Electronic) Drawing Resource 2?

Hello everyone,
  As you may have noticed in the title, this will cover drawing in the electronic form. Did you want to try to draw on the computer, but you are not so comfortable with using the mouse? Do you have a great drawing program, but are you frustrated with creating and deleting errors? Or are you trying to save some money while buying something that will give you great quality in return? Well, look no further, because a drawing tablet may be what you are looking for! More specifically, the Wacom drawing tablets! These tablets are USB connection based (there is a starter kit which makes the tablet wireless) and ready to go once you install the software (on a CD). Depending on what type of Wacom drawing tablet you purchase determines what type of free software you will receive (you may even receive Adobe Photoshop Elements 10!). If you are looking to expand your drawing skills and apply them to drawing software, or if you just want to have fun drawing on the computer (and save…