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Drawing/Painting/Ink Resource Combination!

Hello everyone,
   When you paint, draw, or ink, are you looking for a particular color, but aren't sure what to combine? Or do you think it would be better to buy a color pre-mixed? Are you concerned with money, and wished there was a color diagram that would show you what would happen when you mixed, for example, cobalt blue with a dark grass green? Well,  the Color Mixing Bible by Ian Sidaway will help you. This book summarizes color theory, the history of color, and the definitions of color (e.g.'s, hue, saturation, value, etc.). Ian Sidaway's book also has wonderful color diagrams which shows color mixing and range for: acrylic, oil, gouache, color pencils, soft pastels, and ink. If you want to have a color reference book, the Color Mixing Bible by Ian Sidaway will help you!:


Self-Publish Resource 2?

Hello everyone!,
  This post does not only refer to self-publishing, but also about writing in general. A book that I  recommend reading is Stephen King's On Writing: A Memoir on the Craft. While his book talks about why he writes (and what influenced him to a degree), he also gives wonderful and blunt points on how to discipline yourself, as well as tricks and the "no no's" on writing (i.e., avoid adverbs (as much as possible)). Even if you're not writing fiction, gives this book a shot. It never hurts to read ;) :


Painting Resource 6?

Hello everyone!,
   Are you looking to work with a new medium, but you're not sure which medium to try out next? Do you want to paint on something else (other than canvas)? Are you trying to save some money? Why not try egg tempera paint? If you're not sure where to begin with egg tempera paint, I recommend purchasing "The Luminous Brush: Painting with Egg Tempera" by Altoon Sultan. This book will not only tell you how to paint with egg tempera (with examples), but the artist/author also explains the materials to make your own egg tempera (with eggs, of course), what you can paint on with egg tempera paint, as well as alternatives (i.e., purchasing egg tempera already made), and even discusses the history of egg tempera! If you're curious about egg tempera, this is a great book to read!:

-V. V.