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Drawing Resource #20?!

Hello everyone,
  Do you like Norman Rockwell's art style? Are you curious how to draw and/or paint the way he did? Do you wish there was something out there that would explain about his technique? Fortunately, the artist himself published a book on his art style, called Rockwell on Rockwell: How I Make a Picture!
  Released in 1979, Mr. Rockwell's book covers when and how he started to draw and paint, and what all his work meant to him (and other personal points-of-view on his life and career). Beyond the introduction, the remaining portion of the book covers the steps and process on how he drew and painted. This included (not in any particular order): General steps to his drawing and painting process (7 total), getting live models and taking photos of models for references in later drawings and/or paintings, the detail in painting and drawings, using props and having models pose in various positions, drawing with charcoal, and making a sketch with color.
  If you like simila…

Digital Drawing Resource #1?!

Hello everyone,
  Are you looking for brushes that will help you with your digital drawings and/or paintings? Are you not getting the effects you are looking for with the default brushes? Are you looking for higher quality digital brushes? No worries, there are several places to get the results you are looking for!
   If you are using the Sketchbook Pro digital art program, Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro Blog does release a new brush set every Monday for free! These free brush sets come from both Sketchbook Pro employed artists and digital artists in the field (as blog a guest). If you want add unique brush sets in your Sketchbook Pro brush library, it doesn't cost anything to expand your digital brush library!
   Of course, if you use Adobe Photoshop (version CS5 and above), the most popular and used brush set comes from Kyle T. Webster. Mr. Webster, a well-renowned digital artists who has worked with The New Yorker, Entertainment Weekly, and Wall Street Journal, has created a web…