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(Software) Drawing Resource 6?

Hello everyone!,
  This post will discuss a drawing software. Have you ever wanted to draw buildings, cities, etc., in unique perspectives, but your vanishing points gave you issues? Have you wanted to draw that "perfect" face, but maybe the eye you drew was an inch or two too high (or low)? Do you wish you could see some of your art pieces come to life? Fortunately, there is a drawing software that can do all of that for you (and more!), called Sketchbook Pro 7 (by Autodesk). This program has wonderful tools, ranging from pencil, marker, paint brushes (including splatter templates!), to mirror drawing (vertical, horizontal, and cross), to vanishing point perspective drawing (up to three, including a "fisheye" view). The program even has a built-in drawing animation tool (called 'Flipbook")! Included in this version is the "steady stroke," which will give the person the ability to have more control over their drawing, and crop mode, where the per…