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Art Book Resource # 5?!

Hello everyone!,
   Are you trying to to figure out perspective drawing(s)? Are you not quite getting the technique down for certain perspective drawings? Or are the books out there you have looked over not sufficient in answering the questions you are asking? Fortunately, there is a book which may help you with your perspective drawings!
Drawing Perspective: How to See It and How to Apply It by Matthew Brehm will not only go over the history (brief, but very good) on perspective drawings and its importance in art, but also how to apply several types of perspective drawings as well as when and how to use several types of perspective drawings. Mr. Brehm divides the perspective drawings in several categories, which includes: 1, 2, and 3-point perspective, multi-point perspective, and curvilinear perspectives. Also, Mr. Brehm has a workbook section, where you are able to apply what you have read throughout the book, and see the examples in steps, and applied to multiple drawings and illus…

Art Book Resource # 4?!

Hello everyone!,
   Are you not able to afford traditional mediums, such as acrylic paint, markers, or oil paints? Are you looking to do something that is simple, straightforward, but also versatile with your art work, such as ball point pens? Do you want to go above and beyond using a pencil (no offense to pencils, as they are excellent tools for drawing!)? No worries, there is a book out there that might be for you!
The Art of Ball Point: Experimentation, Exploration, and Techniques in Ink by Matt Rota will certainly give you both ideas and encouragement in how to use ball point pens in your art work! Mr. Rota covers numerous topics, including: ball point's overview and history, making traditional art with ball point (and examples), also known as contemporary classical, how to make abstract art work with ball point pens, the use of ball point pens in illustration and design, ball point pen use in sketches, and finally, using ball point pens in realism art. Within each topic cover…