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Drawing Resouce #9?!

Hello everyone,
   Would you like to draw while you are out (e.g., at the park), but you're short on paper (or if you don't have any at all?)? Do you think that it's expensive (i.e., amount, time, and/or money?) to travel around with drawing/painting equipment? Do you think that drawing requires to have large-sized paper, making you believe that it wouldn't be possible to fit in your pocket? No worries, these questions can be answered with two words (or one, depends on how people type/spell the word): sketch books (sketchbooks)! Sketch book (sketchbooks) come in various sizes, shapes, paper quality, and prices! Listed below are the sketch books I have used over the years (and continue to collect and expand my options!). If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me, or leave a message below! I hope this post was helpful! Thank you!:

-Moleskine brands-I use this brand because not only is the paper quality great, but also they make a small size (specifically,…

Drawing Resource #8?

Hello everyone!,
   Are you interested in sketching, but you're not sure "how" to sketch? Are you confused about the materials, such as the type of pencils, markers, pens, paper, carrying cases, etc.? Are you confused as to why you should sketch? No worries, a book I recommend reading is called, The Artist's Guide to Sketching by James Gurney and Thomas Kinkade. This book, while out of print, is an excellent book to understand why one should sketch (practice, practice, practice!), as well what it means to sketch (e.g., capturing ideas). Additionally, they go over their materials, what they recommend, and how they travel with their materials. Each section of the book covers a different topic, ranging from capturing motion, to drawing nature and still life. The unfortunate part about this book is that it is out of print. Also, if you're looking to buy the book, you might find it, but from what I researched, the price will range from $80 to close to $200 (and this i…

Self-Publishing Resource #3?

Hello everyone!,
   Do you have a great idea for a story, but your thoughts are all over the place? Do you want your points to be clear, and you don't want to remember all the character details and relationships? Do you want to organize your story structure the way it makes sense to you? Fortunately, there is a program that will help you with your concerns. The program which may solve your issues, called Scrivener (for Windows/Mac/Linux), will allow you to do everything I asked, and more. Scrivener, for example, will allow you to make notes; from the notes, you can organize your ideas into a plot structure that makes sense. Additionally, character development can be placed in its own side window while writing your story/script/etc. Also, you can insert pictures (if you have any for your book or as reference/inspiration for your plot/character development, etc.) into your document (either in a separate window or within the window you're writing/typing). If you're interested…