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Drawing Resource #21?!

Hello everyone!,
   Do you like to work with markers, but you're not a fan of its odor? Are you looking to save money while creating great art work pieces? Or are you just starting out with markers, and you want to jump right in without having to worry about all of its rules and guidelines? Fortunately, there are markers out there which can answer all the questions listed above!
   Mead Academie's Water Soluble Markers (set of 20) are water based inks, which allows the colors to blend together with water! In addition, when you use water, you can create watercolor effects, which might be difficult to replicate using alcohol based markers, for instance. In addition, the markers are also great in combination with other mediums, including pen and ink, colored pencils, watercolor pencils, and even non-water soluble markers!
    If you're looking to save money, or if you are starting out with markers, I would try Mead Academic Water Soluble Markers (set of 20)! If you have any q…

Digital Drawing Resource #2 ?!

Hello everyone,
   Are you interested in taking your digital art with you, but you are stuck with using your desktop computer? Or, if you do have the ability to digitally draw outside your house, are you tired of dragging around your laptop and the drawing tablet you use to draw? Do you wish you could afford a portable tablet which can run several major digital art programs, but you don't have the money to spend on the top-notch tablet? No worries, there are alternatives!
    There are two programs (a.k.a., apps) available on the android devices which you can try right now for free. They are Infinite Painter and Infinite Design. You might be thinking, That's too good to be true! I did as well, until I tried it out myself. Fortunately, both programs work!
    Infinite Painter reminds me of a mix between Adobe Photoshop and Sketchbook Pro, as it offers pressure sensitive brushes, which might sound unusual, especially if your android device does not support pen pressure sensitivi…