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Drawing Resource#11?!

Hello everyone,
    Did you make a mistake in your drawing, and you want to correct that mistake? You look at your drawing inventory tools, and you find more than one eraser; which one do you use? Are you confused regarding the different types of erasers available? Fortunately, all the questions can be answered, because each eraser has its particular use.
   One type of eraser you may come across during your drawing adventures (or if you're at the store and you're browsing the drawing accessories) is the gum eraser. These thick cubed or rectangular min-blocks may be used to erase any smudging you have (e.g., graphite pencil lines smudged in a spot you do not want touched by graphite). If you notice your gum eraser falling apart, no worries, that normal. Fortunately, these erasers are not expensive, so stock up if you like this eraser!
   The next eraser you might have seen (or have, but it's not being used) is the kneaded eraser. This type of eraser is popula…

Drawing/Painting Resource combination #6!?

Hello everyone,
   Would you like to keep all your pencils, markers, paint brushes, paint tubes, etc., in one pouch? Do you think storing your art materials are expensive? Are you concerned with how much space pens, and pencils can take up while you're on-the-go? No worries, there are (inexpensive) answers to your questionable woes.
       If you're out a lot, and want to sketch with a lot your of drawing supplies, you can purchase a pencil pouch! You can, for example, keep all of your pens, pencils, and markers, all in one place (i.e., the pouch)! Not only is it convenient for keeping all of your drawing supplies in one pouch, but it's also light and small; the size and weight makes travelling with your drawing supplies convenient! The only draw back is that all of your drawing tools are thrown in one pouch. There is no ability to organize your materials, which means you will have to fish around within the pouch to find the correct drawing instrument/tools.
       An alte…