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Painting Resource 7?!

Hello everyone,
  While you're painting, do you wish you could figure out the color combination(s) to get that right shade of red? Or are you having trouble painting eyes using unique color (for example, light green as a light source/under-painting)? Wouldn't it be nice to have some sort of color recipe right at your finger tips? Fortunately, there is something like that. It's a book, called 1,500 Color Mixing Recipes for oil, acrylic & watercolor by William F. Powell. This book goes over the basics from mixing values to color theory; and, of course, this book has a massive listing of colors and recipes to get that "right" color with your oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints. In addition, Powell goes over skin color, eye, portrait, and landscaping colors and mixing recipes for general to unique color situations. And finally, with your copy, you receive two mixing grids, one for oil/acrylics, and the other for watercolor. They are very handy if you follow the bo…

Drawing/Painting Resource Combination #3?!

Hello everyone,
  Have you wanted to do a wash effect (i.e., spreading color, blending, and/or mixing to create water-like effects) with your oil painting, or oil pastels, but you were hesitant from what you heard (or read)? For instance, do you have some sort of allergic reaction to mineral spirits, or certain types of oil washes, such as Linseed Oil? Are you concerned about the odors that come off traditional washes because you have pets and/or children around? Or are you limited in space, and lack the proper ventilation to create wash-like effects for your artwork? Fortunately, there is an alternative. Instead of buying chemicals that may cause you and others around you harm/issues, you can purchase baby oil and/or mineral oil. I have tried both, and they work great with both oil paint and oil pastels! Of course, with oil mediums, they never completely dry; if you're concerned about your artwork collecting dust (or smearing your artwork), you can either spray a fixative (make s…