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Digital Art Software #1?

Hello everyone!,
   Do you like fractals, but you don't have the time to make them by hand? Or are you looking to speed up your fractal creation, but you're not sure where to look? Do you wish you can make your fractals move, as if you were watching a short movie on fractals? No worries, there is a computer program that can answer all of the questions listed above, and more!
    Escape Motions created a wonderful update to their excellent fractal software, called Amberlight 2. Amberlight 2 creates wonderful fractals, either randomly generated by the program itself, or you can control your own fractal; you can control the fractal's the light source, as well as the fractal's shape, directions, and even it form! Additionally, you have a huge library of colors available to create, giving you more creative freedom in the fractal you might have in your mind. They also have color templates which have excellent color range for your fractal creation.
   The biggest addition in …

Drawing Resource #19?

Hello everyone,
  Did you think blenders only worked for colored pencils? Fortunately, there are blenders for markers, too! This post will talk about blender markers (they're colorless!).
   Normally, when you are working with colored pencil blenders, you can take its wax, and blend any color together to get the ideal color effect(s). However, for markers, you have to plan it a bit before jumping in. For instance, it may be easier to blend two shades of the same color compared to blending two different colors. If you want to blend a light red, and then a darker red together, then you take your light red first, then overlap the light red with the darker red (but not not cover it entirely, especially if you're experimenting!). After you have placed the appropriate amount of color down, take your blender marker, and go in the direction you wish. If you want a transition of color from light to dark (or vice versa), then take the started shade, and move towards the opposite shade t…