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Digital Drawing Resource #4?!

Hello everyone!,
   Are you looking for a program which will help you draw straight or curved lines with ease? Are you looking for a program which is inexpensive but effective in your work? Do you wish there was a program out there that will work with digital programs, such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel Painter, or Autodesk's Sketchbook Pro? Fortunately, there is something out there that will do what you want, and more!
    The program I am talking about is called Lazy Nezumi Pro. This program allows you to draw perfect lines, whether you are trying to draw curves, straight lines, patterns built into the program itself. Lazy Nezumi Pro also has its own perspective tool which you can use on any digital art program! The only suggestion I have is that you follow the directions it has bundled with the package in order to see when Lazy Nezumi Pro is working on the digital program of your choice (note: there is usually a red box which will flash indicating that the Lazy Nezumi Pro has linke…

Digital Drawing Resource #3?!

Hello everyone!,
  Are you looking for a stylus pen to use for digital drawings/paintings for your tablet? Does your tablet not support the nice pen tablet pressure sensitivity options such as the Wacom Bamboo pens? Are you looking to save money while at the same time have a great quality pen stylus? No worries, there is a stylus pen which will work for you!
   The MeKo pen stylus is an excellent alternative stylus pens for tablets which do not register with the more expensive pen styluses. If you are looking to digitally sketch or paint on tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, this pen will work for you. The MeKo pen stylus comes with two pens. Both pens are dual-sided; one side it the round soft stylus for everyday use (e.g., browsing the internet, tapping the screen), while the other has a clear rubber round flat disc end for drawing. You might be asking, "Wait, a round rubber tip, how does that help?" Fortunately, the flat disc has the ability to control the tip whil…