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Drawing Resource 4?

Hello everyone!,
  Do you want to draw animals, but you are not sure where to begin? Do you want to draw the fur, but it is coming out more like grass? Or do you want to draw a pack/group of animals in one scene, but the proportions are not correct? What I have used (and continue to do so) is Jack Hamm's "How to Draw Animals." Not only does this book give you ideas and steps on how to draw the animals, but it has examples from cats and dogs, to lions and cows! If you want to draw animals, and want a good place to start obtaining the information, I would recommend this book! I hope this was helpful! Enjoy!:


Painting Resource 4?

Hello everyone,
  The fourth paint(ing) resource is in regards to what to use to put your wet paint on. When you are using wet paint, are you placing the wet paint on a paper towel, or a paper plate? Do you use a bowl? Or better yet, are you using a flat surface, such as a table top (yikes! Be careful, some paint will not come off!)? Well, instead, I use paint palettes. You don't have to get the fancy wooden palettes; instead, you can pick up plastic palettes. Not only can you clean them, but you can also re-use them, too (multiple times!)! Check out your local art shop to see if you can pick up a plastic paint palette! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! Enjoy!:

Note: Michaels has a great and inexpensive plastic paint palette collection! I have several, and they work great for both oil and acrylic paints! Just make sure to wash the plastic paint palette(s) as soon as possible (if you are using water mixable paints!)! Some examples from Michaels web site below…