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Painting Resource 5?

Hello everyone!
 The fifth paint(ing) resource is in regards to what you mix paint with. What do you use to mix paint together? A toothpick? Paper towels? Your fingers? Paint brushes? Or even a utensil? Instead of using any of the things listed above, why don't you try using palette knives? Using palette knives gives you the opportunity to control the amount of paint you are mixing together. In addition, you can also use palette knives to create unique shapes, such as clouds. Also, you can use palette knives to spread paint to create ocean waves, for example. Palette knives come in different shape and sizes: flat, sharp edges, round, oval, (and more). Regardless if the palette knives are metal or plastic, having palette knives in your art accessories can help you in your artwork and creativity! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask away! Enjoy!:

Note: Michaels has a nice selection on both individual and palette knife sets:

-Artist's Loft 5 Piece Palette a…