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Drawing Resource #22?!

Hello everyone!,
  Are you looking for an inexpensive but effective paper trimmer? Is the paper trimmer board with its blade rusting out? Are you just looking for something that is both portable and lightweight? Fortunately, there are alternatives available!
   Depending on the size of the paper you are trying to trim will determine the size of the paper trimmer you will need to purchase. The general range for the portable paper trimmers range between 9" to 12". The larger paper trimmers, such as Maped (i.e., Helix), are able to cut multiple sheets at one time, while the smaller paper trimmers cut between one to two sheets at a time. Regardless of the size, it's nice to have a paper trimmer, as you can use it for cutting coupons, pictures, and mail. In addition, you can use paper trimmers to cut down and conserve drawing paper if you're on a tight budget, or if you're cropping out a portion of your drawing, for example.
   Below are several paper trimmer products…

Drawing Resource #21!?

Hello everyone!,
  Are you trying to find a way to cut paper without cutting your fingers (or lose a finger digit)? Are you trying to find a way to gain control over what you cut, without having uneven cuts on your paper? Do you want to save money without having to spend a lot of money on paper cutter boards (with the long blade)? No worries, this blog post will certainly help you answer all of the questions asked above!
   If you're looking for paper cutters where you won't hurt yourself, while at the same time, having control over how you cut, Safety Cutter and Precision Cutter from Slice might be the way to go! With their micro-ceramic blade at the tip of the of its body, you are able to have control on both where you cut and how much you cut on the paper. In addition, their products are small, allowing you to store the cutters in bags, drawers, or containers. The Safety Cutter has a horizontal body where you lay the Safety Cutter parallel to what you are cutting on, allowi…