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Drawing Resources # 15?!

Hello everyone!,
  Today's post will discuss how to protect your drawing pads/paper that you have not used (yet). Do you have your drawing pads lying around your room, or your house, because you don't have a place for them? Are you afraid that the pads/paper exposure to the sun may somehow ruin your unused pads/paper? Or are you concerned with bending or ruining your pads/paper? Well, there is a solution! You can purchase storage drawers, which range in size, finish, and price. Depending on what you do and the size of paper you work with may determine what you need to purchase. Below are links and suggestions based on the paper size. If anyone has any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to contact me by leaving a comment below or e-mail me! I hope this post was helpful! Thank you! Enjoy!:

-Paper size from 15" x 15" and below:

-Paper size from 17"x 23" and below:

(Software) Drawing Resource #14?

Hello everyone,
  Today's post will discuss a computer software which may come in handy for those that enjoy to illustrate or draw with ink. Did you ever want to create comic books, like the ones you grew up with? Or do you want to start making your own manga books? Or are you looking for tools which looks like pen and ink, but on the computer? Fortunately, there is a computer program out there. Known as Manga Studio EX5 or Clip Paint Studios EX, this program will offer artists the ability to: create comic/manga pages, use comic/manga templates, draw directly within the comic/manga pages/templates, use 3D models to represent ideas for your project(s), create and add effects to your art work, and even change the page tone (monochromatic, gray, and color)! This program is a very powerful tool to not only draw comics or manga, but also to create illustrations with: pen, pencil, ink, watercolor, air brush, and special effects (e.g., sparkling stars)! You can also take your work, and c…