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Drawing Resource #16

Are you looking to add a bit of random color within the same drawing stroke, but you don't want to hold two or more colored pencils at the same time? Are you looking to find a way to create psychedelic drawings, but you don't want to use solvents, for example? Are you tired of using one color at a time? Fortunately, there are colored pencils out there that can help you answer all of your questions!
     Kol-I-Noor's Tri-Tone colored pencils are made with three colored-leads within one pencil, allowing you to draw with multiple colors within one stroke. Having three colors in one pencil also allows you to create unique color blending if you are looking to experiment with colors within a short amount of time!
  If you are looking to have fun with color, and want to have random patterns (haha, get it?!) in your drawings, then you should try Kol-I-Noor's Tri-Tone colored pencils today!:

-From Michael's:…

Art Book Resouce # 3!?

Are you trying to draw or paint outer space, but you're not sure where to begin? Are you having trouble getting the planets and moons to look like planets and moons? Are you having a difficult time getting the lighting on planets the way you want them to appear? If you need a guide, then Space Art: How to Draw and Paint Planets, Moons, and Landscapes of Alien Worlds by Michael Carroll may be the book you need!
      The book covers the basics, including materials needed to create space and planets/moons (i.e.'s., circle and ellipse templates, kneaded erasers, graphite pencils), using Earth's mountains and mesas to practice other-worldly structures, and craters to create planets' surface, for example. Carroll also covers a basic breakdown of color theory, as well as acrylic paint and the tools needed to follow the steps in the book.
     Each chapter covers a section on how to draw and paint both Earth and Earth-like planets, which includes volcanoes, water worlds…