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Painting/Drawing Resource Combination #1?!

Hello everyone,
      This entry will introduce what pastels are, how they're made, their range, and their use and purpose. Ever wonder what pastels are? What they do? What are they used for? Why use them at all?
      Well, just like any other art medium, pastels are unique in that they can be used with other mediums (such as oil paints, acrylic paint, gouache paint, etc.). But what is a pastel? A pastel is when the pigment (i.e., color) is mixed with the binder (or what keeps the shape together), and the filler (i.e., to increase the longevity of the pigment) to make the "pastel stick" (recipes on making your own dry pastels down below!).
      Sometimes, pastels may be called "dry pastels," because of their chalk-like texture (but pastels are not chalk!). Using pastels will create dust-like particles  which may be problematic, depending on your health and your environment or workspace. Pastels can be used on paper, canvas, and boards, to name a few (check pr…