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(Drawing) Software Resource #15?!

Hello everyone!.
   Have you wanted to animate on the computer, but you're not sure what program to purchase? You want to use of enough that too complicated, but same time, also get done with your project in a short time? Or you just are now with animation, you're looking for something as powerful, but the same time, more user-friendly? Well, Anime  Studio Pro 11 maybe the program for you!
   There are numerous features within Anime Studio Pro 11, but what they are highlighting is the ability to take an image you have either created on Anime Studio Pro 11 or in any other drawing program, and manipulate the drawing. Way to manipulate drawing is using their bone feature, which allows you to place virtual joints, and move them based on a timeline. Additionally, they have now introduce the animation flipbook process; if you are familiar with this technique, you'll feel right at home and Anime Studio Pro 11. Of course, you can combine both features within the same project!

Drawing/Painting Resource Combination #7!?

Hello everyone!,
    Have you ever wanted to draw perfect circles, but you were unable to do so with your hands? Or would you like to draw geometric shapes, but the lines are not connecting the way you want them to? Better yet, are you trying to draw buildings or even planets, but is your freehand drawing is slightly off? Fortunately, there is an alternative to some of the issues may have drawing freehand. The use of templates, or known the stencils, maybe what you were looking for!
    Templates and stencils come in all different shapes and sizes, from ovals, circles, squares, to zig-zag shapes, the "French curve," slanted shapes, or even animals and letters! You can never have enough templates or stencils. Of course, depending on what you are doing will determine what kind of template or stencil you may need. I have made a list below to get you started. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, or leave a comment below. I hope this post was helpful! Thank yo…