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Drawing/Painting Resource Combination #5!?

Hello everyone,
  Are you interested in using colored pencils, but you're not sure what they're capable of doing? Have you already tried them out, but you're not getting the results you wanted? Do you feel that this medium is too difficult to use? Well, do not fret, for there is a book out there that will answer all of your questions and concerns. Colored Pencil Paint Bible: Techniques for Achieving Luminous Color and Ultrarealisitc Effects, by Alyona Nickelsen, is an excellent reference (and excellent artwork) for both beginners and expert artists alike. Not only is the author excellent with her explanation on the use of colored pencils, but also what you can use with colored pencils (e.g., washes), types of paper, various techniques, and multiple exercises (step-by-step format) to see where you are making mistakes, and try to match what she has in the book. If you even have the slightest interest in colored pencils, read Alyona Nickelsen's Colored Pencil Paint Bible!…

Drawing/Painting Resource Combination #4!?

Hello everyone,
   When you are drawing a scenery, or a model, are you having a difficult time with the proportions of your subject(s)? Do you wish you had something to measure parts of your subject, instead of erasing over and over on your paper/canvas (and causing streak marks) because your eyes are deceiving you? Do you wish you had something that was easy to use while being accurate with your drawings/paintings (and not have to focus on details during the initial stages of your drawing/painting)? Fortunately, there is an item out there that can answer your questions. Using a scale divider will allow you to focus more on the drawing/painting process instead of focusing on the subject(s) measurements. To use a scale divider, simply:
Hold up the scale divider (arm's length) parallel (to you and) to the subject(s)Move the top legs to their appropriate height/width of the subject(s)Take the scale divider back, and place it onto your paper/canvas, andPlace the appropriate marks on yo…