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(Free) Digital Software Resource #2

Hello everyone,
  Have you looked around online, and admired the work of 3D modeling? Have you looked at the more popular software, only to find out that they're too expensive to try out? Are you looking for alternative programs which you can create 3D models without breaking the bank? Fortunately, there are two programs which you can use right now!
  The first free program I would like to mention is Blender. While Blender can be used for other formats such as animation (and very well, too), it definitely shines when it comes to creating 3D models/artwork. Not only is the program free, but the Blender community has a series of free classes to get you started in case you are new to 3D model programs (or came from a different program and you're looking for guidance with Blender's menu interface, for instance). Just make sure your computer can run Blender without any lag or when you render your work (and download the stable version if you are not testing out beta versions).

Craft Tool #1?!

Hello everyone,
  Have you worked with Swarovski Crystals to create your own jewelry? Have you tried to create designs for bags, hats, costumes, or shoes, but the glue you're using is making a mess (and potentially adding glue on top of the crystal)? No worries, Swarovski has created the Swarovski Hotfix Crystal Tool kit for you to use and make your favorite art/craft piece with ease!
  The kit comes with 7 gold tips (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 7mm, 5mm flat, and 9mm flat), along with the electric hotfix tool with a soft grip handle (the hotfix tool can get very hot, especially at the tip!). Depending on what size of Swarovski Crystal you are using will determine the tip size you will need.
  In order to correctly use the hotfix tool, you first need to take the crystals you will be using, and figure out which size fits with the crystal you plan to use. However, if you are using more than one size, you will have to unplug the hotfix tool, wait for it to cool down (including the tip), and …