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Art Resource #1?

Hello everyone,
  This entry will discuss what you may want to use when you want more control with your art work. Do you want to draw with control, but you can't quite get the angle you want? Are you tired of drawing on a flat surface? Do you have to stand when you draw, or paint? Is that paint of your just dripping away, going beyond the borders you created? Well, one suggestion I have for you is to purchase a drafting table. One in particular, the Studio Design Folding Craft Station is a wonderful drafting table (or for crafts!). They're wonderful to have if you want to have more control with your drawing or painting. You can change the angle of the surface, or if you get one with a glass finish, you can use a light source underneath the drafting table to trace (or if you need your lighting in a different position)! This drafting table series does come with 4 hard plastic trays (to store paint brushes, pencils, cups, etc.), which slides to the side of the drafting table (cli…