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Drawing Resources #13?!

Hello everyone!,
   When you use charcoal, do you wish you could add color to your work? When you try to use colored pencils with charcoal, do you smear your work around, ruining what you worked on? Do you wish there was color you can add to your charcoal art piece? No worries, there is something for you! Derwent makes colored charcoal pencils, or known as Tinted Charcoal! The charcoal pencils can be used with traditional charcoal, or with pencil sketches/drawings! When the charcoal pencil loses its tip, simply sharp the charcoal pencil with a sharpener, and you're good to go! Using these charcoal pencils are excellent to have in your drawing pencil set if you're looking for precision while applying charcoal to your art piece! If you have any questions, please feel free contact me by leaving a comment below, or e-mail me! I hope this blog was helpful! Enjoy! Thank you!:

-Derwent Tinted Charcoal 24 set:

Drawing Resource #12?!

Hello everyone,
   Are you having a hard time blending your colors with colored pencils? Do you want to combine all the colors to make what you drew/colored to look "shiny?" Does your blending stick/stub not work well for you? Fortunately, there is something out there for you! When you want to blend color with color pencils, or with charcoal (more on that in a future blog!), you can use a blending pencil! The blending pencil gives you control on sections you want to blend with the tip of the blending pencil! When your blending pencil starts to flatten, simply sharpen the blending pencil with a sharpener!
   If you want to create a "shiny" effect, you will want to use a burnisher. Not only will you create a "glistened" effect, but you can create dynamic/contrasts within your art piece (e.g., jewels reflecting light while the jewel is on a dull colored cloth)! Additionally, the burnishing pencil will also combine two colors into one, just in case the blende…