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Drawing Resources #10?

Hello everyone,
     Are you interested in using markers in your drawing repertoire, but you're not sure how or where to begin? Are you concerned about misusing markers, and fear that you will waste your money to a dry tip? Do you want to have confidence with using markers, and also have examples, instructions, and demonstrations with markers? Fortunately, there is a something that can answer all three questions (and more!). Specifically, a book called, Markers Wet & Wild: Tricks and Techniques for Achieving Speed, Splash, and Painterly Effects by Charles Hayden, explains what, when, why, and how to use markers. In his book, he discusses the types of markers, paper, tools, and techniques to create beautiful and wonderful effects with the use of markers. He also has exercises for people to follow (e.g., he encourages the reader to trace out a drawing, and either replicate the drawing or create your own color layout of the drawing), labels and identifies the color in most of his…