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Drawing Resource 5?

Hello everyone,
  This blog will discuss paper (and a very mild mention on other surfaces). Did you ever want to draw multiple layers, using oil pastels, for example, but you're not getting any more than two to three layers? Did you want your charcoal drawing to stay on the paper, but instead, it blows away from the slightest breath/wind? Are your drawings not lasting as long as you liked? Well, it all may be based on the paper (or other surface) you're using. The paper's surface may determine how many layers you can apply before the layers start to either fall off, smear, or blend into other portion of your artwork, for instance. Some surface papers may even deteriorate if you're using some sort of turpentine wash or varnish. Thin paper surface is clean, but limited to the number of layers you can apply (for example, one can put about 3 to 4, maybe 5 layers before there are issues), while paper that has a rough surface (i.e., "tooth") will give you the ab…