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Drawing Resource #18

Hello everyone!,
   Are you looking for ways to draw nice curves in your drawings, but you don't want to do it by hand? Are you tired of using a compass to draw that ideal curve, and not getting the results you wanted? Do you wish there was an inexpensive alternative in creating curves? If you are having these issues, French Curves may be what you are looking for!
    The French Curve comes in all different sizes, shapes, and curve patterns. They are usually made out of the wood, plastic, or metal. You can usually find them individually or in several set sizes (from 3 to as much as 8 pieces!), and most are affordable ($30 or less, depending on the brand, the set size, and what they're made out of).
    Using French Curves is ideal when you want to draw a complex shape with multiple curves (e.g., pattern or music instruments) as well as for architecture drafting (e.g., a sketch of a building). You can even use French Curves for creating your own clothing (e.g., necklines)! Fina…

Drawing Resource #17!?

Hello everyone,
   Do you like working with pencils, but you are not getting used to blending with blending sticks? Or if you use graphite pencils, are you tired of using 6 or 7 (or more) pencils just to get the correct shading? Do you wish you could use less pencils, and have the same results with only using 4 or 5 pencils? Fortunately, there are pencils out there that can do what you are looking for (and more). Water soluble graphite pencils may be exactly what you need!
   These inexpensive water soluble graphite pencils allow you to use them either in the traditional sense with blending layers with a blender, or you can use water to move around and blend. Using water with graphite pencils gives a paint-like effect, something that while it would be possible with normal graphite pencils, it may be a more difficult task compared to using the water soluble graphite pencils.
   The sets that are available come in between 4 to 5 water soluble graphite pencils, making it ideal to have a …