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Charcoal drawing 1?

Hello everyone!,
  Sorry for the delay, but I have been busy working (and all the holidays coming up pushed things back...anyway, Happy New Year! ^_^)! I'm back with a new installment--charcoal! Have you ever wanted to draw heavy lining, but you were tired of sharpening your pencil every few minutes? Did you want to get down a lot of black color, and not use a black marker or a black pen (and end up having the paper bleed through)? Or are you sick of cleaning up a mess from using paints or watercolor? Well, instead of using all of the mediums listed above (though most of them are quite acceptable!), I would use charcoal! Not only is charcoal flexible for drawing, but it also comes in different shapes, sizes, and intensity! Charcoal can be used for both practice drawing and professional sketch work (as such with other mediums!). Just a suggestion, if you are starting out with Charcoal, I would recommend a small starter set, with a mix of hard, medium, and soft charcoal sticks. Othe…