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Art Book Resource #7?!

Hello everyone!,
  Are you looking to find an art book which will cover the human anatomy? Would you like a book which will show you both steps and techniques to get you to your goal (with both practice and effort)? Are you looking for a book which goes over parts of the human body, including the skeletal system, the muscles, hands, feet, head, as well as drawing and shading techniques? No worries, there is a book which answers all the questions listed above?
   Roberto Osti's book, Basic Human Anatomy: An Essential Visual Guide for Artists, will not only show you drawings/diagrams of the human body, but Mr. Osti will also explain to you his drawing technique for both men and women body structures (i.e., classic body ratio 1:7 1/2 times the height of the head). In addition, Mr. Osti does go over drawing techniques, including shading (i.e., shadows), lighting, and the type of drawing paper available for both practicing and creating professional work.
   If you want a comprehensive …

Art Book Resource # 6?!

Hello everyone!,
  Are you interested in viewing art work with watercolor paint? Are you looking to find a nice watercolor art book reference, but you're not sure where to look? Are you interested in drawing urban settings, but you're looking for ideas? Fortunately, there is a book which will fulfill all three questions, and more!
  Master of the Urban Landscape: From Realism to Abstraction in Watercolor by John Salminen, is an excellent reference book as well as an excellent demonstration on what you can do with watercolor paint. Mr. Salminen's book is divided in four chapters, which includes: Chapter 1-Architectural Form, Chapter 2-The Organic Form, Chapter 3-The Human Form, and Chapter 4-Shadow and Light. While all of Mr. Salminen's paintings are urban paintings, each chapter emphasizes aspects of his paintings (or focal points).
  If you're looking to see what watercolor paint can do, Mr. Salminen's book is an excellent example. I hope this post was helpful…