Art Book Resource #8?!

Hello everyone!,
   Are you looking for a book filled with artists from the United States? Are you interested in sampling artwork and illustrations which were once in magazines, newspapers, and on paperback novels? Or are you looking for a great art book reference?
   Fortunately, there is a book like that! Famous American Illustrator, by Arpi Ermoyan, has a wonderful collection or artwork and illustrations from numerous artists throughout the 20th century. Artists in this book include  N.C. Wyeth, Robert McCall, Charles Dana Gibson, and Thomas Nast (just to name a few!)! Each artist is given around a one-page overview regarding his or her biography and art style, followed by as well as showing some of the artist's most recognized artwork and illustrations.
   If you are looking for a book which will give you a sample of great American artwork and illustrations, Famous American Illustrator by Arpi Ermoyan is a wonderful book to have! I hope you found this post to be helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment below, or e-mail me! Enjoy! Thank you!:

-Vince V.


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